Elias Rubenstein is an entrepreneur, author, lecturer and a great artist overall. Using his many qualities and making dreams come true, Elias can change destinies and also improve someone’s life. A Leadership and Management guru, Elias has been frequently honored with many prices and won many competitions in the field of Transformational Leadership. Now he is going to change your life and present you his new theory coming from the Hermetic Academy, the foundation created by him.

The website of this great person is as impressive as his superb achievements. From an outstanding presentation of his biography and hobbies, he has thoroughly described the theory of martinism and kabbalah during the presentation. He also speaks about his art as an author, as he has written works like Higher Aspects of Art and many others. His publications and works comprise the doctrines and also the many symbols of the Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Jewish and Christian Mysticism (Gnostisicm), spiritual Alchemy, also the so known Initiation and the mysteries of the Rosy Cross and Martinism. The works can be found on his website.

His association has gained a lot of popularity during the last years and now can impress everyone with his huge circle of interested people. If you are doubting about these notions like martinism and hermeticism, then it is the right time to read something about this. Tracing back to the legacy of the French initiatory founded by Don Matinez in 1765, the big author Elias is a sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Martinists and can help you to discover his history as well. One more thing to point out, Elias intensively promotes the teachings of Angeless Wisdom and thus they become more accessible to the large public. People who become interested in the Hermetic Academy membership, are highly appreciated by Elias and are privileged. Last but not least, his great shop will help you to discover the Hermetic theory better and to penetrate into his world of balance and positive emotions.

About Elias Rubenstein:
Elias Rubenstein is author and a big artist as well, known in the big world due to his discovering in the martinism theory and the start of the great Hermetic Academy. For those who are interested in the particular hermetic theory and also rosicrucian order, then it is the right time to start make your dreams come true and make use of Elias’ services.

Company Name: Hermetik 1 Media e.U.
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Address: Schottenfeldgasse 14 / Top 4, 1070 Vienna, Austria
Phone #: +43 650 26 50 130
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