Emilia Delizia has just launched a guided tour of local culinary delights in the Bologna and Modena areas, including how the area makes its world famous coffees, ice creams and Balsamic vinegar. Here, tourists staying in Bologna, Italy, can get a hands on coffee experience and learn how to make the best cappuccinos, caffe lattes and espressos in this famous part of the world.

As part of the tour, participants will visit some of the most famous coffee makers in the whole of Italy, in both Bologna and nearby Modena. They’ll receive an hour long introduction to coffee making experience from local trained baristas, skilled in the art.

After that, participants will visit the Ice Cream Museum at the Carpigiani ice cream factory. Guests have the opportunity to learn more about the ice cream making process, as well as to sample genuine Italian gelato.

Finally, the tour heads to Modena, famous all over the world for its Balsamic vinegar. Here visitors will pay a visit to one of the region’s most celebrated vinegar makers, and learn what it takes to produce the best, aged balsamic vinegar in the world.

What Is Included?

The Coffee and Gelato Experience Tour is designed to be as all-inclusive as possible. As a result, tour guides arrange transport from Modena train station, or Modena Hotel as part of the standard package. Participants can also arrange to be picked up if they are staying in Bologna, although there will be an extra charge for this that is available to view on the company’s booking calendar.

The tour includes

- An hour long barista training course in Vignola, near to Modena
- A visit to Carpigiani Gelato museum in Anzola, near Bologna
- English speaking guide and driver
- A visit to a Balsamic vinegar maker in Modena
- A free gourmet gift

Pricing And Availability

The Coffee and Gelato Experience Tours run every day, except Sundays and Mondays. Currently, prices start at €139 and go up to €152.90, depending on whether or not you choose to get the Bologna optional pickup. It is possible to book online, using the calendar facility on the Emilia Delizia website. There are also different options you can click for further details on transport and availability.


Tours leave at 9:30 am and return at 4 pm, running from Tuesday to Saturday, and excluding Italian national holidays. There is an option to have a private tour for just your group, but you must have at least two adults.

In addition to the Coffee and Gelato Experience Tour, there are a number of other Emilia Delizia Foodie Experiences. These include the Parma Food Tour where holidaymakers can enjoy pizza and pasta making classes, as well as Chianti, Lake Garda and Prosecco wine tours. There are even organised truffle hunts for those who love their mushrooms.

To find out more about the tour and book a place, visitors can visit the Emilia Delizia website.

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