The Boiler Scrappage Scheme was introduced by the government in January this year to encourage people to be more environmentally friendly by swapping their old G-rated boilers for new energy efficient versions.

The aim was to cut the costs of heating bills along with reducing carbon emissions. Research shows that domestic heating accounts for 14% of the UK's CO2 emissions. This is a worrying amount when you consider how cold the winter months were this year and how many people relied on their heating.

There was a great demand for this government scheme as large amounts of vouchers were snapped up in the first three months. The scheme was brought to an end on the 26th March as over 125,000 vouchers were allocated. Many were disappointed by this decision especially engineers, plumbers and other tradesman who benefited from the scheme, which brought in a long stream of work. It also upset those who registered for the scheme but did not get a chance to claim their vouchers before the scheme ended.

The boiler Scrappage Scheme may have stopped but many energy suppliers are now offering their own incentives such as £200 off your A-rated boiler if you wish to upgrade. There are also discounts available for the installation process and technical set up. Eagaheat are showing their concern for the over 60s by offering £300 off a new boiler that is purchased directly from them. Most people want to upgrade their heating system but at times it can be very costly and these incentives will help those who are struggling financially.

Eagaheat also supply ecoTEC boilers which have been specially designed to meet the increasing demand for a condensing combination boiler for both heating and hot water for larger homes. The longer condensing facility and innovative low energy pump system is highly efficient and has lower carbon emissions.

Author Tim Noris, Heating engineer and boiler installer.

Name: Tim Noris