EP are delighted to announce the release of the following major new titles:

1. Who made God? Prof Edgar Andrews - £9.99/$17.95 9780852347072
Fay Weldon
´With vigorous panache and deft argument, Prof Andrews tackles one of the key issues of our times — does God exist and why should we believe that He does? In a masterly combination of science and theology, Andrews reveals the absurdity of the so-called “new atheism” and presents a solid case for Christian theism. Highly recommended.‘
Michael Haykin
Please see www.whomadegod.org or click on the book above for a full list of commendations.

2. Why on earth did Jesus come? John Blanchard - £1.50/$2.40 9780852347065
Perfect for Christmas evangelism 40 page booklet
Here is Blanchard at his best, tackling the Incarnation and showing us what it means and why it matters. Wonderfully clear, admirably succinct and profoundly helpful.‘
Alistair Begg

3.This little church had none Gary Gilley and Jay Wegter - £7.95/$14.95 - 9780852347089
Third in the series 272 page paperback
Evangelicals have been desperately trying to impress the world for decades--becoming thoroughly worldly in the process. It‘s hard to think of any significant fad that evangelicals haven‘t latched onto, infused with some quasi-spiritual significance, and silkscreened onto a t-shirt. Trendiness seems to be the evangelical movement‘s defining characteristic. Holiness has practically fallen out of the evangelical vocabulary.
Meanwhile, skepticism has become the dominant feature of worldly thought. Voices from the secular academy, philosophy, the arts, and popular opinion keep reminding us that we live in postmodern times, and certainty is out of fashion. It‘s not stylish to care about truth anymore. This is perhaps the worst possible time for the church to embrace the spirit of the age.
Gary Gilley and Jay Wegter make that point powerfully in ´This Little Church Had None‘. The book is a skillful analysis and critique of the contemporary evangelical movement and a powerful plea for Christians to recover their love for the truth. It is a desperately-needed message for these uncertain times, written with clarity, spiritual wisdom, biblical precision, and a passion that reflects the authors‘ own deep love for the truth.
John MacArthur

4. Psalm 119 for life Hywel Jones - £9.50/$17.95 9780852347034
160 page paperback
´The Great Psalm‘ (Psalm 119) was written for the whole of life. It therefore takes a whole lifetime to be equipped to expound it well and apply it wisely. Enter Dr Hywel Jones —teacher, author, pastor — much loved by his seminary students and colleagues, and esteemed by those who are privileged to be among his friends. In his hands the precious jewels are well mined. This beautiful exposition comes from a lifetime of taking in and giving out God‘s Word. Its hallmark is the careful,
thoughtful and richly spiritual unfolding of divine wisdom. Both a pleasure to read, and a treasure to share.‘
Sinclair ferguson
´The announcement that Hywel Jones is expounding God‘s Word in devotions at our seminary arouses special interest and expectation. Although he possesses admirable personal qualities, it is his consistent attention to the grain of each passage
that is so rewarding. If Psalm 119 celebrates God‘s Word, then I can think of no better celebrant than Hywel Jones.‘

5. Foundations for the faith (a study through the Gospel of John) Roger Ellsworth - £12.50/$23.95 9780852346150
352 page paperback
“It is one thing to read a fine biblical commentary from a fine biblical scholar. It is another thing to receive wisdom from a proven preacher and faithful minister of the Lord Jesus. In Roger Ellsworth‘s commentary on John, here you will find both.”
Gregory Alan Thornbury

Bryntirion Press (through EP) have also just released the following book:
6. R.B. Jones Gospel ministry in turbulent times Noel Gibbard £12.95/$23.95
232 page paperback
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Further titles now available in the UK:
Shepherd Press
978 098154 0061 Broken down house - Paul David Tripp - LEAD TITLE £11.25
Fortress Books
978 297937 1851 The reason for heaven - Hendricksen £17.95
P & R Publishing
978 159638 1254 The betrayal - Douglas Bond - LEAD TITLE £11.25
978 159638 1551 Does grace grow best in winter? - Ligon Duncan - LEAD TITLE £6.25
978 087552 1916 The whole counsel of God - Richard C. Gamble £30.25
978 159638 1537 Courage to stand - R. G. Ryken £9.25
978 159638 1698 Motherhood - Brenda Payne £3.25
978 159638 1704 In-Laws - Wayne Mack £3.75
978 159638 6645 James Petigru Boyce - T. J. Nettles £22.75
978 159638 0561 The nearness of God - J. Lanier Burns £13.75
978 159638 1520 Luke - Reformed expository commentary - P. G. Ryken £45.25
978 159638 0165 Ephesians - Bryan Chapell £22.75
978 159638 1353 Gospel-powered parenting - William P. Farley £9.95
978 159638 0936 The walk - Stephen Smallman £7.75
978 159638 1438 Psalms - Kathleen Buswell Nielson £9.95
978 159638 1490 Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs - Kathleen Buswell Nielson £9.95
978 159638 1506 What is church government? - Sean Michael Lucas £3.25
978 159638 1599 The Christ of Christmas - James Montgomery Boice £9.25
978 159638 1407 Incarnation in the Gospels - various £17.50

Reformation Trust
978 156769 1832 Sola Scriptura - the Protestant position on the Bible - LEAD TITLE £10.45
978 156769 1863 Crucial questions - full set of 5 titles £24.25
978 156769 1795 Crucial questions - Can I know God‘s will? - Dr. Sproul £4.95
978 156769 1825 Crucial questions - Can I trust the Bible? - Dr. Sproul £4.95
978 156769 1788 Crucial questions - Does prayer change things? - Dr. Sproul £4.95
978 156769 1801 Crucial questions - How should I live in this world? - Dr. Sproul £4.95
978 156769 1818 Crucial questions - Who is Jesus? - Dr. Sproul £4.95
978 156769 1856 John - R. C. Sproul £20.25

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