Boston, September 27, 2009 - Several companies belonging to ERGO, one of Europe's leading insurance groups, are now using the Brainloop virtual data room for all their board meeting communications. The insurance companies involved include D.A.S., DKV, Hamburg-Mannheimer and Victoria. Brainloop's web-based software solution, which combines security and traceability with efficient collaboration, is used under the ERGO umbrella by the group's subsidiaries to distribute meeting documents and reports.

Before using the Brainloop solution, staff assembled papers manually and distributed them by postal mail or courier before or after a board meeting. The Brainloop Secure Boardroom has now replaced these methods. Documents such as agendas, draft resolutions, reports and presentation diagrams are stored in the data room so that board members can access them anytime and from any location. The Brainloop Secure Boardroom provides a common central document repository, easy yet secure access to confidential content, and an audit trail that tracks every access to a document. These functions help ERGO companies to benefit from efficient and transparent meeting management. The group has recently expanded the use of the data room to include quarterly reporting to the supervisory board and its committees. 

"The Brainloop data room is the ideal platform for efficient and secure meeting management," comments Hanno Lenz, Chief Information Security Officer at ERGO. "Since we've been using the solution, it takes us less time to prepare board meeting documents and make them available to members. We also appreciate being able to access data room content securely from anywhere in the world and know that we're always working with the most current version of the information. The intuitive interface is practically self-explanatory and doesn't require any training - we've had positive feedback from users on this point." 

In addition, the solution provides tamper-proof traceability of all actions undertaken in the data room. This helps ensure compliance with current data protection regulations as well as with corporate governance policies. 

Peter Weger, CEO of Brainloop, says: "We're delighted to have won the ERGO Insurance Group as a customer. Clinching a deal with a leading insurance company like ERGO is another key milestone for Brainloop in this industry."

Brainloop, with offices in Munich and Boston, is the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security management of confidential documents. Brainloop Secure Dataroom is a virtual document safe that enables safe filing, editing and distribution of highly confidential documents within a single company, and beyond. All contents are powerfully protected from unauthorized internal or external attacks, and all actions within the data room are documented by an auditing system. Examples for use include contract negotiations, collecting data and writing up quarterly reports, and any other communication that contains confidential information. Brainloop Secure Dataroom is used internationally by hundreds of renowned companies including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Eurocopter, Galileo Industries, Premiere and ThyssenKrupp. Leading law firms and investment banks use this solution for the complete life cycle of M&A transactions. Strategic partners of Brainloop are HP, IZB, Microsoft and T-Systems Business Services.

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