Leading ERP Authority, ERP.com (www.erp.com) Is A Media Sponsor For The 2010 Cloud Computing Exposition in New York City.

ERP.com (www.erp.com), a leading ERP industry site for enterprise resource planning community site that brings together ERP professionals and enterprise software vendors with the latest enterprise technology information and free resources such as the ERP Application Database and ERP software selector is a media sponsor for the much anticipated Cloud Computing Expo on April 19, 2010.

Cloud computing, which include web based technologies such as SaaS, software as a service applications and a fast growing number of ERP technologies that were historically on-premise software applications are and have been creating quite a buzz and demand over the last five years as a lower cost, easier and higher return alternative to traditional software applications installed on in house servers.

“We are proud to be media sponsors of the Cloud Computing conference as one in five companies are using some type of web based application today and the growth trajectory anticipated for cloud computing and web based applications are forecasted to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next five years. We are focused on providing our targeted visitor base with relevant events such as the Cloud Computing Expos and other informative information and tools such as our Software Selectorâ„¢ , to help companies and individuals excel and network in their industry”, say Chance Berry, Marketing Manager for ERP.com.

ERP.com is an ongoing media sponsor for the latest technology events that relate to enterprise systems and application. ERP.com also provides users with enterprise system technology tips by industry experts and free tools such as the ERP Software Finderâ„¢ available to all ERP.com members to save valuable time and resources during the ERP software selection process.

What is ERP Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a company-wide information technology system developed to connect all business processes, activities and data in every department of the organization.

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