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Argumentative essay is a type of essay that requires the writer to study the topic thoroughly, to gather and evaluate evidence, and to establish his or her position on the topic in a summarizing manner. The function of this type of essay is to show that the writer‘s opinion about some phenomenon or topic is correct or more truthful than others'.

In order to find a good topic for an argumentative essay the writer should consider several issues that will have two contradictory points of view and/or very different conclusions. When looking at the list of controversial topics the writer should find the one that really sparks his or her interest.

However, a strong writer‘s interest in the topic is not enough. The writer has to consider what position he or she can support with arguments and reasoning. Having strong belief in something is one thing but the writer will have to explain why his/her belief is logical and reasonable.

When exploring the topic the writer might make a list of points he or she can use as arguments for or against a chosen issue. One of the primary objectives of an argumentative essay is to present both sides of the argument with an analysis of each. Understandably, the writer must conclude that his/her chosen side of the argument is the most reasonable conclusion.

The next step in writing is gathering the evidence. When people think of arguments they might imagine two angry red-faced persons speaking quite loudly and making dramatic gestures. This is because tête-à-tête arguments often turn to be emotional. However, the act of arguing involves providing evidence to support one‘s claim, with or without emotions.

In an argumentative essay the writer will have to provide evidence without extensive emotions. What the writer needs is to explore two sides of the controversy and prove that one side or position is more logical and therefore truthful.

Here are some tips for writing argumentative essays:

o The writer should avoid using any emotional language
o To do it the writer should clearly see the difference between logic and emotions
o The writer should not make up evidence
o The writer should cite credible sources
o The writer should be able to defend his/her position if challenged by the opponents.

Additionally, the writer has to find out how the readers might object to his/her argument. Will they argue that imprecise concepts have been used? Can they point at errors in data? The writer‘s argument is only as strong as the objections to it. If the writer cannot defend his/her point of view against an objection, then he or she needs to rethink and revise it.
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