The eToro forex news blog keeps expanding its horizons, now adding daily market reviews for French and Spanish speakers, making it possible for non English speakers to have as much access to expert forex market analysis and news.

The eToro forex blog started out as a minimalistic supplement to the tremendously successful eToro platform, however due to the eToro community‘s ongoing support and interest, has very quickly blossomed into a veritable forex news portal. Here forex traders have the choice of reading up on daily market news updates, browsing market event commentaries, discovering the history of currencies and the forex market and delving into various expert opinion pieces.

Moreover, manages to overcome one of the great obstacles of financial trading, which is of course the language barrier. Any non English speaking trader knows that they are usually at a severe disadvantage to English speaking traders, since so much forex information is available exclusively in English. Seeing as the eToro platform has always advocated a multilingual approach to forex trading and forex education, it seems only natural that the eToro blog should display the same kind of tendency to accommodate its international community of visitors.

So far, eToro has presented non English speaking traders with the opportunity to read weekly market reviews in six different languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Due to the high percentages of Spanish and French speaking visitors and eToro members, eToro has now decided to also include Spanish and French language daily market reviews. This is a huge advantage for the French and Spanish speaking traders, since from now on they know exactly where they have to go to get their daily dose of forex market news and analysis, without having to scour the internet for forex information in their language. provides them with all the benefits of accurate, punctual and thorough market analysis performed by certified financial experts and written in a simple, lingo-free language.

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