Evansville Stumpbusters LLC are ready and raring to go for spring-- and they’ve invested in impressive machinery to ensure they deliver the best possible results for their customers.

The company has chosen to invest in a new, commercial-grade stump grinding machine. The Vermeer Sc 60 Tx is a byword in stump-grinding technology, which offers a variety of benefits to the customer, including:

- An ease of maneuverability that ensures it can reach any stump in any location.
- It’s patented “Auto Sweep” system helps to produce the best results in the shortest possible time frame.
- Cutting edge technology of a commercial standard helping to produce fantastic results.

Stumpbusters are delighted to welcome the Vermeer SC 60 Tx to their lineup for 2018. The company has a long history in the removal of stubborn tree stumps, which Stumpbusters are sure to be able to solidify with the help of their new machine.

There are few tree stump problems that the Stumpbusters experienced owner/operator Chris Lasley can’t resolve. Thanks to his expertise and dedication to complete every job to a high standard, customers can be confident that the Vermeer Sc 60 Tx is in good hands.

Services offered

As the name of the company implies, Stumpbusters are able to remove any tree stump that is spoiling the landscape of residential and commercial properties. Tree stumps can be problematic for homeowners and residents for several reasons:

- The safety risks. Stumps can cause injury if accidentally tripped on or struck with machinery when tending to a lawn.
- Termites like to live in tree stumps, and may migrate into the house and surrounding areas after colonizing a stump.
- Property damage. Tree stumps still have active root systems, which can cause issues with pavements, driveways, and the structural integrity of the home.

If there is a tree stump that needs removing, the Stumpbusters new, state-of-the-art machinery can achieve excellent results.

Stumpbusters can grind the stump below ground level. The stump is completely removed from sight, which improves aesthetic appearance while also diminishing the potential for the stump to be a risk to people and machinery. When the stump has been ground down, the area can then be raked over and mulch added as required.

Stumpbusters will also remove wood chippings that are deposited as a result of the grinding process.

Quality guarantee

Stumpbusters guarantee the work that they do. In the unlikely event that any part of a stump is missed, the company will return to finish the work at no extra cost to the customer.

Locations covered

Stumpbusters cover a wide area, which encompasses Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, Owensboro, and surrounding areas. If customers do not see their specific location listed, they are invited to get in touch with the company for further information and advice.

For most information on Stumpbusters’ new machinery and the services it can provide, contact owner/operator Chris Lasley on (812) 664 2333 or [email protected] Prospective customers can also obtain a quote directly on the Stumpbusters website, www.estumpbusters.com

Chris Lasley
Company: Evansville Stumpbusters LLC
Telephone: (812) 664 2333
Address: Newburgh, Indiana
Email: [email protected]