Eveningflavors.com is now available on your mobile. In association with Mofirst.com Eveningflavors.com has introduced their new mobile application. Mofirst.com is one of Worlds well known mobile and telecom Service Company. Their excellent technological enhancement promises the clients impeccable service and success. This mobile application is the first of its kind in India and heralds a start of a genre.
Eveningflavors.com India‘s leading table booking and party planning site is well known for their brilliant services and updates. It has always been their attempt to meet the needs of their customers in the best possible way. With this new application, Eveningflavors.com has bridged the little left gap between the customer and the F&B industry. This application entitles you to search, book and plan a party in any restaurant and pub across Bangalore. Not only that, you can update yourself with all the happening events and parties buzzing across the city. All this just through your mobile. Their services are not limited to Bangalore but spreads across Kolkata, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. You can search almost any restaurant and pub in these places.
The union of Mofirst.com and Eveningflavors.com has made this application user friendly, simple and efficient. One of the co founders of Eveningflavors.com, Mr. Akash Srivastava says, “Our association with Mofirst.com has enabled the successful launch of our mobile application. Finally our aim of bringing our services on to the mobile is fulfilled. Our hopes are high and as always our service will be up to the mark.”