It is time to break away from old way of doing things. Why should resumes stay the same, while technology advances all around us.

Human Resource departments will spend up to one minute, on initial review of a candidate's resume. Why not be open to the opportunity of taking a multimedia clip ( video or audio clip) and embedding it directly into the document. Creating a Hi-Tech Resume.pdf will give the employer the ability to simultaneously view both the candidate's text credentials and multimedia content without having to leave the opened resume file on the desktop, saving the HR person valuable time while getting you the ability to stand out from the crowd. Hi-Tech Resumes are no bigger than a standard classical resume document and can be easily transferred through normal email channels. Not all companies have advanced applicant tracking systems and the one that I have seen do provide the abilty to upload adobe and word files.

Hi-Tech Resumes is an new technology resume and will set you apart from the rest of the pack. The majority of job seekers have traditional resumes, having a Hi-Tech Resume will show a perspective employer that you are willing to take extra time and effort and that your job search is very important to you.

You are on the cutting edge--not just doing the status quo. Put a face and personality with a name. You have the chance to make a lasting impression that plain black and white words do not. Employers can instantly see the kind of 'life' that you would bring to their organization and if you'd make a good fit. It will allow you to be more confident knowing that employer already knows who you are before you have the formal interview.

Before saying Hi-Tech Resumes are a bad idea, why not take a minute to look them. Our website provides a web service guiding people on how to create a good quality unedited video. Once individuals upload their video and resume, our web service edits the video into a professional quality presentation, by adding various video features, like music, text name, and graphics and then embeds this new multimedia clip directly into a resume with your choice or a video or audio clip.

VideoAResume is a collaboration of senior level professionals in the Human Resource, Videography, Music, Web development and Flash Technology Industries. This website can be described as a combination of YouTube and "Videography 101" . Our mission is to create the next generation of resume, that embeds multimedia directly into the resume.

Hi-Tech Resumes technology also provides a solution to the nagging question asked by job seekers; How do I know my resume is being reviewed? I never get a response.

Hi-Tech Resumes uses web technology along with flash video streaming directly embedded in the document itself. If a potential employer opens the document and accesses the multimedia content then the resume has been accessed. Now, a user will be able to tell that their resume is at least being reviewed.

Our multimedia clips are design not to be longer than 2 minutes in length. If the HR person does not want to watch or listen to them if they choose not to.

Please have a look at them, they really are a great new
technology and can really people.

Nancy Shone
CEO and Founder