A mysterious house in the Catskill Mountains is infested with demons and the families living there must deal with them.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Release Date) The Gateway opens its doors to interested readers who want to experience a frightening and occasionally humorous adventure. Author Cynthia Delafield invites everyone who loves a good and scary read to enjoy this original story; she hopes that to some extent, they would find it believable. With several incidents based on facts, some on exaggerations, and most on fiction, the author has interestingly woven horror, humor, danger, fantasy, and mystery into one interesting tapestry.

A beautiful but mysterious house in the Catskill Mountains becomes demon-infested when its original owner threw himself off the stair landing and smashed his head on the floor. This incident has opened The Gateway to a nether region of evil. The Hawthornes, who buy the house from the estate, have to learn to live with the demons without breaking any of their rules for fear of death—or worse. When the youngest child, Nell, grows up and marries, she and her new family move into the house, to her husband‘s horror. When her husband dies, Nell decides to sell the house. The new owner, a hateful man, becomes a recipient of the demons‘ rage and retribution.

The Gateway is not just any typical scary story, but rather depicts lessons on life and reality. It presents how one can and should deal peaceably with extraordinarily difficult situations. This book would be a good read for those who enjoy creepy stories, have family problems, are facing danger, are dealing with horrible people, and are adjusting to difficulties. The Gateway is available for purchase at any of these online bookstores: www.Amazon.com, www.BarnesandNoble.com, or www.AuthorHouse.com.

About the Author
Cynthia Delafield has done many things in her life, from studying the communication skills of dolphins to guiding tours around China to running her own B&B. She has been a professional caterer and baker and is currently doing voice-over work in Florida. She was married and raised four children.