Exactly Why Are Golfing Range finders Neglected

Given the considerable amount of advertising dollars which can be spent to encourage golfers to place new clubs into their bags every year, I always wonder why a lot more corporate dollars are not spent to encourage golfers to really purchase the 1 device that can actually help them post lower scores: golf range finders. Golf rangefinders are typically priced between $200 and $400, regarding the very same value range as new drivers produced by Titleist, Cleveland, and TaylorMade. Is there much less income to be made by merchandisers for selling one Bushnell Rangefinder versus one TaylorMade Driver? Most likely. But excellent advertising campaigns can successfully change what we as consumers feel is and is not important. Avid golfers are usually competing with their friends to keep ahead of the curve by acquiring the newest golf equipment. How numerous occasions have members of regular foursomes utilized another member's new driver after which right after just three or 4 swings went out and bought the same exact club? It happens all of the time. The entire Golf business counts on this type of viral advertising to sell a growing number of clubs. However, why don't rangefinder manufacturers like Bushnell and Leupold employ a comparable philosophy or technique? This article compares the golf rangefinders' impact on a golfer's scoring typical (USGA handi-cap) towards the scoring impact that much more well-known golfing gear has. In addition, it suggests some marketing angles and hooks that manufacturers could employ to make them more mainstream.

Rangefinders versus the latest Driver. To start with, the driver is the most important club within the bag. I am not suggesting that it isn't. Discovering a driver that you are comfortable with is vital simply because hitting fairways consistently sets up scoring possibilities. Nonetheless, golfers don't necessarily buy new drivers since they are unhappy with the one they have; or since they broke the one they had. They buy them because club manufactures do such a good job convincing them that with out this years' model, you will be a competitive disadvantage and can not hit it as far. They infer which you shouldn't be on the golf program within the 1st place with out the latest technology. They make you believe that a bigger sweet spot somehow will mean less negative drives. To begin with, drivers usually do not swing by themselves; and it doesn't matter what driver you've got in your hands, only a good balanced swing will enable you to produce solid make contact with and hit the ball straight and / or far. What excellent is really a driver anyway if you hit it far AND straight, however it goes by means of a dog leg or into a hazard? For exactly the same expense (or less) as a new driver, a Range finder will let you know how far you're from hazards; or perhaps how far you're from a tree that borders the left side from the fairway that might be in play should you pull your drive, etc. I think folks associate rangefinders with measuring the distance towards the flag only. Rangefinders can help you on each and every shot by supplying you distances to land marks and locations you would like to prevent. As somebody who's played over 500 rounds of golf inside the past ten years, I'm completely specific that avoiding aiding trouble spots and hazards off the tee will assist lower your scores far more than acquiring a lot more length off the tee. Bushnell and Leupold ought to emphasize in its' advertising campaigns how useful rangefinders can be when utilized from the tee boxes of par 4's and 5's, and not just for flag placement on the par 3's.

Rangefinders versus the latest Fad clubs: Did belly putters actually assist anyone putt much better? Did Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson ever win a major championship while making use of 1? How concerning the 'Alien' Wedge from about ten years back? Did anybody ever win a championship with all the 'Alien Wedge'? 'No' may be the answer to all of these concerns, and there must be a reason for that. These guys win major championships because they are excellent, talented players who employ prudent golf technique and execute great golf shots. However, belly putters, 'Alien' wedges, and other gimmicky clubs were hot sellers at 1 time. When watching tour players on Television, the focus by observers will be the clubs as well as the clothes. Experts are not allowed to use rangefinders, and consequently couldn't promote them although playing a round of PGA Tour golf. But they do not want rangefinders since their caddies know precise distances to flags, hazards, as well as other landmarks from everywhere on the program. And if they don't know these distances, they pace them off throughout the round. If Bushnell Rangefinders paid Tiger Woods to talk regarding the positive aspects of possessing a caddy and that Bushnell Rangefinders are a viable option to caddies for distance measurement, wouldn't Bushnell be selling more rangefinders? I believe so. And back to my point, rangefinders really help you with distance measurements and club choice, two in the biggest difficulties that golfers with handicaps of ten or larger struggle with.

Rangefinders versus Clothes and apparel. Please. I realize you need waterproof shoes with great grips, wind/rain gear to help keep you dry, and some decent golf polos to ensure that you adhere to your neighborhood golf club's dress code. But once more, do how much do these clothing items truly assist you to along with your scoring? Nicely, I do suppose that wearing sneakers as opposed to wearing golf shoes could hurt your game on a wet day. Nevertheless, golfers are spending $150 for Footjoys, $100 on golf rain/wind pullovers, and $100 on Greg Norman polos every day. Why? Simply because, once again, these brands efficiently market these products versus less expensive but equally viable options that can be purchased at Dick's or Sports Authority. Why doesn't Bushnell or Leupold leverage from this phenomenon somehow? Why not sell the rangefinders as an alternative to overpriced and un-necessary apparel that will truly assist lower scores? Isn't that what a genuine golfer desires any way? If a golfer was asked which they would prefer-lowering his / her handicap by 1 stroke or possessing the coolest looking and most expensive Greg Norman polo; they would chose a lower handicap each time. And between golfing apparel and digital golf rangefinders, rangefinders could be the buy that potentially will create lower scores.

Finally, good golf rangefinders really do work. They accurately range flags, trees, along with other targets from as much as 1,000 yards away; and to inside +/- 1 yard of one's targeted objects. They may be also simple to use and are small enough to be kept in your pocket. I suggest attempting the Bushnell Golf Medalist or the Bushnell Tour V2. Leupold's Gx-1 and Gx-2 models have also received extremely great reviews by golfers. For a step up in cost and efficiency, the Bushnell 1500 Pinseeker with up and down slope measurement is a great instrument. And in the event you and your pals can live with all the USGA rule infraction, I advise it; especially for courses becoming played for the very first time.

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