While it's true that many people put a lot of focus on the luxury hotel they'll be staying in when they go away on holiday, for most the real highlight of a getaway is getting to experience the surrounding area and getting a taste of local life. The many fine hotels in Limassol mean that it's an excellent town to use as a base to begin your explorations of the island of Cyprus, and every day will present new opportunities. Organising tours and trips is easy too; most hotels will be able to sort things out for you on your behalf, but what kind of things can you expect?

Get out of the luxury hotel and see what Cyprus can offer
Surrounded by the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, you'd expect Cyprus to be massively influenced by life on the water. With many businesses offering visitors the chance to experience fine dining aboard a yacht while taking in some truly incredible views, it's a wonderful way of seeing the island from a different perspective. For those who enjoy a little adventure, there's also the chance to discover life under the waves with snorkelling in the company of trained divers.

If you prefer the lure of dry land, Cyprus has stories and legends for you to explore that date back thousands of years. All around the island you'll find stunning sites of architectural beauty that have stood proudly for countless centuries, and even now you'll be able to wander through them and get a feel for what life was like here so long ago. From monasteries to ancient sites purported to have been founded by the gods themselves, Cyprus always has a tale to tell.

Hotels in Limassol will be able to organise trips to enjoy
There are plenty of options for younger visitors in Limassol too; perhaps a trip out to a nearby village on the back of a donkey appeals, while the grown ups get to check out some of the products from the local vineyards? And of course, there's always the excitement of a visit to the Watermania water park which is open through the summer. With everything from the thrilling speeds of the kamikaze slides to the more sedate lazy river, there's really something for everyone.

Wherever you head out to, after a day of adventure you'll return to the comfort of your luxury hotel, ready to sleep in comfort and recharge yourself. Professional staff will be delighted to see to your needs, while the highly skilled chefs will provide excellent meals to set you up for another day of adventure. With so many wonderful hotels in Limassol, and so much to see all around it, why on earth would you want to go anywhere else?

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