Expert Equity Release can offer you advice and move forward with you so that your assets can provide a lifelong income. They offer free initial consultation with impartial advice on choosing the right Equity Release provider.

They have over 23 years of experience in the industry and you will have instant access to their professionals over the telephone with no queuing systems. They are extremely flexible and offer you time to make your decision.

They charge a low, flat-rate fee compared to other equity release companies and also provide access to lower interest rates through special arrangements.

How do you qualify? You or your partner must be beyond the age of 55 and own your own main private residence, which qualifies you to release money from your home and you can spend this money as you wish. Some of the ways you can spend are like carrying out repairs and maintenance or renovations to your home, pay off credits or loans and provide an additional monthly income.

Equity release schemes might work out a bit expensive than other alternative schemes like downsizing to a smaller property and also can affect eligibility for state grants and benefits.

The process is very simple to obtain Equity Release. All you have to do is call them on the number given under contact details and they will be right at your door to explain and assist you with making your decision and choosing the right scheme suitable to you.

The different schemes available under the Equity Release Schemes are, Lifetime Mortgage, Drawdown Plan and Home Reversion Plan. The Lifetime Mortgage allows you to release a lump sum from your residence with no monthly repayments and the interest accrued over the term of mortgage is only repayable after death or during a permanent shift out of the property.

The Drawdown Plan almost similar to the first one is more flexible which allows you a pre-approved cash reserve which you can withdraw as and when required. While the final one, the Home Reversion Plan is an agreement from your side that you sell a part of your property to a third party for a tax free lump sum or regular income.

You can call and request them for a free demonstration to gain a better understanding of the features and risks involved. They will present you a written report of their research and make you understand the reason why they are recommending you these schemes involved with Equity Release.

For futher details on Equity Release Scheme you can visit the website and follow their instructions. They have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each scheme in clear detail.

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Expert Equity Release is a team comprising of experienced advisers, who are fully qualified and keep up to date with the developing market trends. They abide by the Financial Services Authority principle of Treating Customers Fairly.

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