It is expertise, rather than brand name, that proves to be the key issue of UK clients looking to hire a solicitor. These are the findings of research carried out by, the newly launched travel claims website designed to make it easier for returning tourists to receive the latest help and advice when making a claim for compensation after suffering an injury or illness on holiday.

In a survey carried out by the site, 67% of respondents placed expertise as the most important factor in their decision of who to instruct to deal with their travel claim. Surprisingly, only 10% felt that brand was an important factor.

Specialist travel solicitor Nolan Mortimer, the originator of and Partner of UK law firm colemans-ctts LLP says “It just goes to show that despite all the media hype around legal services, customers still rate expertise as their top priority and brand awareness is low down their list of priorities.”

He went on to say “This is a clear indication of our decision to launch a dedicated website for consumers which not only provides them with information and free advice on travel claims, but assists them in pursuing a claim.”

The survey also revealed that people considered cost and previous experience as being high on their list of priorities.

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accidents-abroad is a trading name of the specialist travel department of UK law firm, colemans-ctts LLP.

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