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Date of Release: December 28th, 2009
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Brillertek, a Taiwan-based technology company has developed a new soft -FaceAether Pro.
Brillertek‘s new version of face recognition solution FaceAether Pro is available to login and manage your various mails with your face …

Nowadays, people pay more attention to their privacy. As a matter of fact, the internet always exposes their personal information. What shall we do? Hackers always use Trojan to record the key-board‘s activity, so that they can record the user‘s account and password. How to solve this problem? Don‘t worry! FaceAether Pro can help you! Let it manages your excessive accounts and passwords.

You just simply need a webcam and build the face template, and then you can login in Windows, webpage and screensaver instead of key-in password. This feature will support 90% sites loaded from Microsoft IE and Firefox browser. Which means, users will be using their unique face to login Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, any other web-mails, and a variety of other logins that require username and passwords And the most important thing is that you will never need to remember your password.

Don‘t be hesitant! A good software can provide you warmly service.

About Brillertek
Brillertek Corporation is composed of R&D engineers (average age of 30) with highly innovative and enthusiastic spirit. They are dedicated to the development in the area of face recognition solution and its related applications. “Let users operate by instinct” is the ultimate spirit of these engineers while developing the No. 1 face recognition software: 1) most compatible 2) swiftest recognition speed, and 3) most precise.

Other Message
FaceAether for Windows 7 login is available exclusively at http://www.brillertek.com/ and is now offering a FREE 30-day trial.

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