Business telephone system is actually a convenient tool for small companies that are pushing hard to keep pace in an increasingly competitive business world. Business needs to be managed as effectively as possible in order to stay ahead of competition. The company needs communication system that may give their employees constant use of information. This telephone system will enable them to respond quickly to changes in the market and contact essential persons they need. Employees can even perform their task outside the office and still have secure access to the business network.

Business telephone helps your company enhance their company productivity and maximize their performance. A constantly updated telephone system would have provided people employed within the company the tools required by them to work faster and better. On the other hand, an aging telephone system and slow network might be so frustrating to employees. In certain situation, they may become burned out and decide to leave the company. It is likewise important that employee satisfaction be improved.

There's many business telephone providers that offers flexible features designed to help your company grow. Subscribers need not invest expensive hardware that standard phone systems have. The service provider will host the needed equipment. You may be provided with excellent services that an expensive telephone system can offer at inexpensive prize. This may also assist you to lessen your operational cost.

Subscribers can select PBX system with all the following features:

. Voicemail - enables your client to leave voicemail messages in your voicemail inbox when no one can attend to an incoming call. This helps the company to address concerns of customers even when they were not able to receive the call themselves.
. Local and toll free number - subscribers also supply local and toll free numbers. All of your existing phones could be connected to a single network held by a single local and toll free number. This way you can receive call to your office or right to your cell phone.
. Auto attendant - receives all incoming calls, faxes and voicemail. It works wherever you are or whatever you are doing. It is responsible for forwarding, or routing a call to a specific person or department. Using the help of auto attendant, you'll be able to handle numerous incoming calls simultaneously.
. Call routing system and call forwarding - this gives you not to miss important calls whether you are on the field attending to a specific business transaction or waiting for an essential call. You are able to answer call while on the road eliminating the problem of having busy signals and hang ups.

Subscriber can also choose VoIP service that makes and receives calls anywhere internet access is available. Some of its features are:

. View caller ID - view caller ID name and number on incoming calls and hear who is calling with call screening.
. Extension dialing - connects team members rapidly by dialing their extension numbers regardless of where they are located.
. Call logs - record of all inbound and outbound calls and faxes stored online including telephone number, time and duration of call.

All of these advanced features of a business telephone system will give your company the advantage of surviving tight market competition.