SuperGeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS Software, has been interviewed by several reputed GIS media recently. Since SuperGeo provides professional GIS software with a reasonable price and more flexible product selection, the young company is now regarded as the alternative solution for GIS users.

For example, GIM International, the global magazine for Geomatics, introduced SuperGeo as the ´Emerging GIS Software Provider‘ in its October Issue. This issue is also the special issue for INTERGEO 2009, the largest geospatial event in the world, and thus has been exposed to more than 40,000 readers.

In GIS websites, GISCafe invited part of the INTERGEO exhibitors and SuperGeo is on the list along with other noted geospatial-related companies. In addition to company information, GISCafe especially inquired the upcoming SuperGIS 3 Software. Having more than 100,000 unique online visitors, GISCafe has over 50% of the readers who are from North America, where the GIS knowledge and products are highly developed. Therefore, the report is valuable for GIS users who can then know more about the new GIS software alternative with a reasonable price and flexible product selection.

With the increase of brand awareness, SuperGeo has confidence in the promotion of SuperGIS Series Software in global GIS market.

'Emerging GIS Software Provider‘, by GIM International:

INTERGEO interview, by GISCafe:

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