Feature My Poem is a very new concept for all poets and writers specially young. Founder of www.featuremypoem.com created the site with a goal in mind to target people who write poems but its only upto them, their poems and writings could have been one of the best and even people's favorite ones but due to lack to a platform they keep their poems and writings only upto them. People write stuff and want to know how it is and how others feel about it, but the questions is HOW? and the
answer to it is www.featuremypoem.com , FeatureMyPoem uses a unique way to make more and more people read your poems/writings . Poems on feature my poem are posted on social networks, mirco blogs etc, plus users who like the poems can share it to their facebook profile, twitter page etc..getting more people to read it, forming a chain! .

The founder of www.FeatureMyPoem.com said
"Feature my Poem is basically a website for writers of all age group specially the “youth” who are always trying to get their writings read by the masses and get reviews. Feature My Poem helps such people by publishing their poems and writings to www.FeatureMyPoem.com with their name .There is a special feature about this website, everyday the best poem/writing that‘s added to the website gets a chance to be on the FEATURED panel on the front page of the website, that means more exposure to that poem/writing.
Plus every month, we will be giving away prices to the best rated poem/writing."

yes thats right, everyday the best poem is put up on the FEATURED panel of the website where visitors can easily checkout the best ones and the best poet/writer of the month gets a price from FeatureMyPoem.This is one of the best feature of the website.