Fell Safe with BRW Safety & Supply

BRW Safety & Supply proposes you one of the best safety equipment for the employees that work in harmful conditions. Whether they're working on a dock, on the side of a three story building, or on the ground installing rebar, they are here to protect. As we all understand, a proper personnel protection prevents a lot of problems and hazards in the future.

Their website contains a full catalog with the items they sell. There is indicated the price, the sizes and if they are available in stock or not. Of course, near the photo of every product there is a description of the material, the purpose and other features. One very cool thing is that on this website you can find a blog with a lot of interesting and actual articles about their products or some care tips to make them last longer.

BRW Safety & Supply has a lot to propose to their clients. Majority of the jobs in most workplaces today, require high levels of face and eye protection. Industries in which employees are in constant contact with flying objects, dust, very bright lights and chemicals need proper protection. According to the reviews they are offering one of the best safety glasses on market. Also, it is important for people working in such industries and many other hazardous areas to wear primary face and eye protection equipment. Some of the most basic equipment include safety goggles with side shields, laser eyewear and safety glasses. Of course, we should not forget about safety vests, as the first step towards ensuring safety in the workplace is to ensure that workers and employees are always equipped with high quality protective clothing.

About BRW Safety & Supply:
BRW Safety & Supply is a company that has earned the workers' trust and has been continuing to do that for 40 years now. Like so many of these stories, this one begins in a garage in La Canada, California. In that garage was founded BRW Safety & Supply in 1971. The dedication to keep people safe allowed BRW Safety & Supply to grew out of the garage and finally settle at its current home in Santa Ana, California. While many things have changed over the years one thing has not and that's the dedication to providing the highest customer service and quality safety apparel in the industry at a competitive price.

Company Name: BRW Safety and Supply
E-mail: askbrw@brwsafety.com
Contact Person: Christopher Gallagher
Full Address: 2724 S. Susan St., Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone #: 800-323-6409
Website: https://brwsafety.com


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