USA -, an online store selling all kinds of power leveling items and in-game upgrade items, recently e-assured their buyers about online payment safety and privacy. The online store recently came up with secure trade guarantee for FFXV GIL buyers and the owners said that their priority now is to protect the privacy and online security of their users.

Under the new secure trade guarantee, the online store now offers complete security of users’ information that may be required to be manually entered by the users themselves during online transactions. The owners of the store said that sharing user information with third party sellers or buyers is against their policy and they use high-level encryption on their site to protect their users, including both buyers and sellers of FFXV GIL gaming items, from cyber criminals and data hackers. owners recently called a press conference where they discussed at length how to buy FFXV GIL currency and other upgrade options securely. They said that the online store strives to make every buying or selling session as secure as possible so as to serve their interests in the best possible manner.

Besides offering payment security, now also offers the lowest price guarantee among all other online stores that sell gaming items and power leveling options for the Final Fantasy gamers. The owners said that they aim to provide cheap FFXV GIL items and different types of power-leveling options for online players, and claimed that the price they offer is indeed the lowest in the industry.

“Providing payment security with the lowest price offers has been our special suite since our inception in 2008. From the very first day itself, we have been resolute in offering the best prices along with highly encrypted payment systems so that the online gamers can shop for the essentials during the gameplay with much peace of mind. We hope that the lowest price guarantee and the superior seller and buyer protection which we are offering would attract many sellers and buyers in the days to come”, said a senior executive of

About the Company is an online store that sells FFXV GIL in-game upgrade items.

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