Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has announced the release of its fiber fusion splicer supporting both manual and automatic splicing modes. It is designed for single mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF), non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZ-DSF) and erbium-doped fiber (EDF). The single fiber fusion splicer features simultaneous X and Y views, a short splicing time of eight seconds and an impressive tube heating time (sleeve shrinking time) of only 40 seconds.
This fiber fusion splicer, model A0620004, includes 256x magnification, a reversible monitor and a control panel on each side. It supports up to 150 continuous splices and heats. The splicer detects the fiber end-face and adjusts parameters automatically. It automatically adjusts to environmental conditions using built-in temperature, humidity and pressure sensors which provide constant feedback signals to control the fusion arc temperature. In addition, this splicer has a large memory and can store 8,000 groups of splice results.
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