United Kingdom. May 30, 2012. Filey properties a leading estate agency now brings the guaranteed rent scheme for its lettings in London

Filey properties letting agents in London take care of interests of both the landlords and tenants and this guaranteed rent scheme is the product of their effort. They do the whole research about the property and the landlords and gather all the information about the tenants as well including their financial details. This allows the tenants to have a safe and better accommodation and for the landlords, it brings to their property reliable tenants.

The guaranteed rent assures the landlords that they will receive their rent in any case and they tenants they are keeping are reliable ones. And the tenants will be liable to stay in the property and pay the rent for the contracted period. Filey properties estate agents do all the paperwork of their own, so the landlord doesn‘t have to worry of any thing.

If anyone has some property that he wants to put on rent, he can simply go with filey properties. For more details and information about them log on to their website http://www.fileyproperties.com or can simply call them at 020 7254 4444 for any consultations or queries.