ezrio is a boutique apartment management and rental agency focused on the best areas of rio de janeiro.

further to management, our highly trained and dedicated professionals have extensive experience in marketing, tourism, services, and residential real estate.

we only work with a select number of apartments to assure all units the most attention and the highest occupancy rates, this allows us to keep our fees low and offer renters the highest value for their money and the best customer service - 24/7.

** renting an apartment **

renting an apartment in rio de janeiro has never been easier. let us save you time and money - just tell us what you'd like and we'll find it for you - where, and when you want it.

with so many websites and so many apartments, finding the ideal vacation rental can be tedious and time consuming.

we partner with many reliable owners of beautiful beach apartments, so let us do the work for you and we'll get the best value for your money. we'll promptly find the perfect apartment for your budget and needs - just click here.

** buying an apartment **

first, we explain the whole process of buying an apartment in rio de janeiro. then, we walk a buyer through each step and clarify all options and aspects of real estate ownership in rio.

we closely assist a buyer at all stages: from property selection to property valuation and price negotiation. we can also pre-screen properties for potential buyers who are not in rio.

we follow a transaction with the buyer's attorney, to ensure that all commercial and legal aspects are thoroughly addressed and returns maximized. click here to e-mail us.

** listing your apartment **

we provide a turnkey solution to beach-apartment owners and renters alike.

in addition to apartment rental services, we offer affordable and comprehensive apartment management.

we arrange for all maintenance and bill-paying, as well as renovations, decor, and building's meetings attendance.

contact us here to learn about our very competitive rates and the complete range of our management services.