158 countries, 1 million properties on the site, translated into 20 languages. It doesn't matter what type of property or where it is located we will have something for you. We have 3 million global agents world - wide to help you at every point for your international property deals and doubts.

We have everything for property investors of all types in their quest to locate the very best investment opportunities currently available in both mature and emerging markets worldwide.
What it all means for someone to look for international apartments or invest in international properties.

• Make money.
• Relocation. More and more people are growing disillusioned with their home Country and are creating new lives overseas.
• A second home or second home for you and your family.
• Rental opportunities By choosing the right Country and overseas development you can benefit by renting your property out when you are not using it.
• The weather a sunny place overseas is most peoples dream.
• Expand your horizons.
• With professional advice it is easier than ever to invest in overseas property. We offer our investors or clients - advice on location, developments and amenities, legal issues and mortgage facilities, everything you need to know when purchasing your dream property overseas.

The idea of purchasing an investment property in an emerging market is very attractive. What we offer you is:

• No illusions.
• Our association with accredited companies or licensed real estate partners.
• Assistance in new place.
• Keeping in mind your budget and needs.
• You can compare the prices and make best of deals.
• The most targeted form of advertising.
• Improved risk management through extra diversification (by country, sector, type of property and economic cycles)
• A wider range of possible investments; and
• Ever improving means of access
• Promise you complete confidence and peace of mind throughout all of your overseas property purchasing experience.

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