A collection of easy-to-read sonnets with great visual imagery inspires readers see the extraordinary in everyday things and appreciate those which they have taken for granted.

West Chester, PA (Release Date) For multi-awarded poet-author Frances Sydnor Tehie, life is full of hope. And this conviction she has proven in her poetry anthology, Or Call It Hope. Her poems reflect her extraordinary talents and her ability to find hope and be thankful regardless of life‘s difficulties. Replete with stunning visual imagery, this collection focuses on hope as this can be found in the myriad facets of daily life—nature, music, animals, changing of seasons, and more. Because in today‘s high-pressured, fast-paced world, people no longer spend time celebrating meaningful events.

Or Call It Hope invites readers to remember and go back to simpler times as they evoke appreciation of nature and compassion for others. In this collection of sixty poems, readers are encouraged to find hope in life once more; to see every day events in a different light; and to value those which people have taken for granted. The sonnets in this book speak of nature and spirituality. This poetry is a respite from the busy and chaotic postmodern world, allowing readers to breathe and commune with what‘s important in life.

Or Call It Hope by poet-author Frances Sydnor Tehie is available in online bookstores. It can be purchased through www.AuthorHouse.com, www.Amazon.com, or www.BarnesandNoble.com.

About the Author
Frances Sydnor Tehie, born on April 16, 1926 in Jefferson City, TN, won over 65 awards in national poetry contests during her life. The youngest of four children, she began writing poetry from an early age, finding the extraordinary in everyday events, such as the coming of spring or the autumn migration of birds. Her poetry combines a deep spirituality with a true appreciation of nature. Her keen sense of observation of the world around her, and her zest for life, despite myriad difficulties, come through vividly in these poems.

She was diagnosed and treated with clubfoot at an early age, and also suffered from rheumatic fever, which caused congestive heart failure, the cause of her death in 2003. She taught high-school English and Latin in Kentucky and Tennessee, and also taught English at the college level in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia. In 1962, after teaching at Monmouth College in Long Branch, NJ, she met and married John Tichy Tehie, with whom she had a daughter, Janice.

After her death in 2003, her daughter Janice and her closest friend Jeanne McIlvaine began to edit her poetry and publish it. She wrote over 600 poems during her lifetime. She was widely hailed as a “lyrical poet” and was published in The Christian Science Monitor, and in the poetry journals The Lyric, Orpheus Lute, Invictus, and many others.