LOS ANGELES, Calif. - On October 27th Impressum Media Inc. started the worldwide distribution of Firearms Multimedia Guide on Amazon.com. This computer searchable firearms, air guns and ammunition reference guide on DVD is now available globally to gun enthusiast, hunters and shooters all over the world through America's largest online retailer.

• On a double layer DVD (8.5 GB) for Windows based computers
• Computer searchable!
• 14 different search criteria to use and to narrow search results!
• Interlinked firearms and ammunition database! Find stopping power of any gun!
• Presents over 41,000 models of Firearms, Airguns and Ammo from 345 manufacturers with tech specs, features, pictures and prices!
• Over 24,000 high-resolution color pictures in resolution up to 6636 x 1492!
• High-Resolution pictures can be zoomed in to see the smallest details of the guns!
• Guns are presented in different finishes, stock types and stock materials!
• Exclusive European bespoke guns with price tags up to $1,000,000!
• BONUS FEATURES: 500 Printable Targets, US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart, Bespoke Gun Making Video
• For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

With its long list of unique features, Firearms Multimedia Guide is truly the next generation firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide. Many gun enthusiasts all over the world recognize that on Firearms Multimedia Guide‘s official Facebook page, not only can they purchase the DVD at www.firearmsmultimediaguide.com, they now have the additional option of purchasing it on Amazon.com.

“We wanted guns enthusiast, shooters and hunters, and fans of our official Facebook page to be able to buy Firearms Multimedia Guide DVD in more places” said Kreso Mijic, president of Impressum Media. “Now that problem is solved by Amazon.com, who has listed our gun guide in its catalog.”

Amazon.com, America's largest online retailer attracted at least 615 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a Compete.com survey now offers Firearms Multimedia Guide to its buyers. No doubt that many of those 615 million visitors are hunters, shooters, reloaders, outdoor sportsmen, NRA members, 2nd amendment supporters, soldiers, police officers, Practical Shooting Confederation members or SASS members who are interested in buying modern gun reference guides. According the the National Opinion Research Center, as of 2006, 21.6% of Americans own guns. The situation is similar in many countries.

“There are so many gun and air gun enthusiasts in countries all over the world that own pistols, rifles, shotguns or revolvers, with a strong interest in guns and they want to buy a modern digital firearms reference guide on DVD” said Kreso Mijic, president of Impressum Media. “Now they can make that very easy and safe purchase through Amazon.com”

Benefits for Amazon.com buyers include the following:
- Customers can find Firearms Multimedia Guide through search and browse.
- Buyers can purchase Firearms Multimedia Guide through Marketplace, adding copies to the shopping cart.

- Firearms Multimedia Guide can be added to Wish Lists.
- Different types of shipping is available for buyers.

Gun enthusiast that want to get their hands on Firearms Multimedia Guide can safely enter their credit card number via Amazon.com secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. If they prefer, Amazon.com also has a way for them to use their credit card without ever having to enter the complete number on the Internet.

And how do the gun enthusiasts and hunters respond? “They love the fact that Firearms Multimedia Guide is now on Amazon.com because most of them already have Amazon accounts,” says Mijic, “and the very first day on Amazon we already had buyers from Asia and Europe.”

Firearms Multimedia Guide is now available on www.amazon.com for $29.99.
It is also available at www.firearmsmultimediaguide.com.

Impressum Media Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a publishing company specialized in innovative next generation publishing projects interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs. It has developed several multimedia supplement projects for the European newspaper and magazine market. More info on www.impressummedia.com