Don‘t think of it just as a charity auction. Think about your own chance to win some pretty amazing things for barely noticeable prices. We are talking about risk free bidding, about winning products like laptops, modern-generation LCDs and game console accessories just to give out a few examples. The list is made completed by professional cameras and many other interesting items, offered for pennies on the dollar as the experts working for the website like to say. As it was already mentioned, you will be offered five free bids so as to see what no risk bidding is all about, discovering how much fun it can be to engage in such competitions and yet help a worthy cause. You can win a lot of great stuff and set your conscience at ease, knowing that you‘ve helped a lot of people who suffer from cancer.
The five free bids will be enough to learn how Bidazzled works; afterwards, if you feel yourself attracted by the whole no risk bidding and become interested in auctions for a cause, you can purchase bidding packages. These are recommended to those who are really serious about bidding online at Bidazzled and they have a starting price of $25. Keep in mind that this is a charity auction, meant to support the cancer awareness foundation and never forget about the original purpose for which Bidazzled was formed.
Every bidding starts at 18 cents and, as the process follows, every bid will increase the price with exact amount. The maximum amount of a bid is of one dollar; also, you should know that if a bid is placed in the last moments of the charity auction, then the timer will be reset so other bidders have a chance at winning that product as well.
What you have to remember is that if no one else bids on the thing you bid on, then that product will be yours for certain. In this way, you can win a laptop or a camera for the mere sum of 18 cents. What happens if you don‘t win the charity auction? Well, we have mentioned something about risk free bidding. You get what they call bonus bids, meaning a number of bids to use for free for a period of seven days. Is that great or what?