The concentration is now on the United States and Canada but the United Kingdom and other European countries are on the list of prospects for 2010.

Beverly Hanna, President and CEO of Hanna Ibes, Inc., has announced plans for a distribution network to market the
patented Flexaway System of facial exercise. For the six years that the Flexaway System has been on the market, it has only been available on the internet, but this is about to change. Outlets such as spas, gyms, salons, health & fitness stores, gift shops and pharmacies in the United States and Canada are now underway, with the United Kingdom and Australia next to be targeted. The company will continue to sell on the internet as well.

"Because of the Flexaway's low return rate and the fact that many of our customers learned of it from seeing results in others, we think it makes good sense to sell it over the counter, which will be a first for any facial exercise device. Regular customers will become "walking advertisements," bringing in new customers not only to purchase the Flexaway but to avail themselves of other products and services at the same time. There is no better way to market a product than word of mouth, and the Flexaway clearly has that capability.

Mrs. Hanna feels that the marketing of anti-aging products on the internet is in danger of burning itself out. "The field has become over-run with so many new devices and DVDs, many making claims that are patently false. A good product is in danger of being painted with the same muddied brush." What is even worse, she points out, is that some of these products can actually cause irreversible damage by stretching the skin. "In trying to get rid of a double chin you just may wind up with a turkey neck as well." She wants people to be able to buy the Flexaway with confidence after seeing results in others who have used it.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new anti-aging market is that there are now almost as many men as women
customers, according to Mrs. Hanna. With men, the major focus is on getting rid of a double chin, probably because they perceive it as a sign of "getting soft." For women the main concerns is wrinkles.
"People ask me, 'Am I too young for facial exercises?'" The answer is no -- the younger you start, the better off you will be later on, but even more importantly, your face will have the shape we envy in models and other striking looking people.
A major bonus to facial exercising is that it changes your facial expression from a woe-is-me loser to a winner that makes people want to be around you. "That is no small thing," she adds. She would like to see more youngsters
using it for reshaping their chubby faces. She says she has long wondered whether a factor in young girls starving themselves might be a desire to get a more glamorous shaped face, with high cheekbones and a gauntness to the lower face.

Mrs. Hanna says that her interest in anti-aging was fanned by the frustration she felt as Head of her own Executive
Recruiting Firm specializing in the placement of women in management positions with major Fortune 500 corporations back in the early 70's. It quickly became apparent that feminine pulchritude counted as much (in some cases more) than their business skills. No surprise there. But after broadening her base to include men, she was surprised to find that physical appearance was just as important in men as in women. As one banking executive put it, "Good looks don't cost extra."
"I let the matter drop right there," she says.