Haute couture labels have always been aware of the glamour quotient of sunglasses and actively offer new collections in a range of materials and engaging designs. Flyrr.com offers sunglasses by the inimitable design house of Versace and Montblanc, the legendary manufacturer of writing instruments.

Encino, CA, USA - Gianni Versace will forever stand among the giants of fashion and everything that carries the marque of Versace spells class. Versace sunglasses are no different and utilize sophisticated designs and an unconventional use of colors that people who're always the centre of attention just adore! The distinctive Medusa is instantly recognizable in a crowd while the lenses offer excellent contrast and UV protection.
Most designs are available in different colors, and you'll find the one you want at Flyrr.com!
Montblanc is to the world of writing instruments what Rolls Royce is to the world of cars. Montblanc sunglasses feature a remarkable simplicity that lays emphasis on comfort and durability. The famous white star emblem highlights the understated luxury, while several designs feature interchangeable lenses that allow them to be worn in different conditions.
The frames are available in stainless steel and in resilient acetate, thereby offering a broad range of combinations! The lenses offer distortion - free vision and dependable protection against UVA and UVB rays with impressive Impact resistance.

Ralph Lauren is among the world's great fashion designers, and such is his influence that many Ralph Lauren sunglasses have become classics often favored by the world's top celebrities! The diverse range of models is ruggedly luxurious and features ingenuity and high quality. Lenses are hi tech with excellent clarity of vision, UV protection and scratch resistance.

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