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For Women’s Health has just launched their meditation & healing pyramids on Amazon.

Meditating inside a pyramid has many health benefits and for a limited time, their pyramids can be bought at a discounted price using this link http://www.forwomenhealth.org/pyramid-sale

Their pyramids are quite unique, really large and can help people who meditate inside them enter the meditation state 3 times easier.

Compared to most meditation pyramids which are very heavy and almost impossible to be moved once they are assembled, For Women’s Health meditation pyramids are very light, under 2 pounds, are made from aluminum, and can be contracted and stored behind furniture.

They take only 2 minutes to be assembled.

Meditating inside a pyramid leads to calmness, wellbeing and a more open and positive attitude.

Many people have noticed an increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness after doing it.

Best results are achieved by sitting in a North facing direction. For increasing your health, it’s recommended to meditate facing the East. For more money, sit in a North-East facing direction.

For a limited time they are sold on Amazon with a promotional price of only $137.

However, using the link http://www.forwomenhealth.org/pyramid-sale and the coupon code VFLKTPUJ on the cheackout page, people who want to enter the meditation state 3 times easier can save an additional 20% off.

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For Women’s Health is one of the best Amazon sellers for the health category, with thousands of happy clients.

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