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Their normal price is $49.99, however for their first few weeks the price will be only $29.99, however using the coupon, women who want to get pregnant easier, can get their ovulation and pregnancy test strips, with only $14.99.

This sale makes the price of a test strip at under $0.22, which is half of their production costs.

Ovulation test strips test women’s urine for a sharp increase in luteinising hormone, which happens a day or two before ovulation. This helps women plan their baby-making, so they don’t accidentally miss their most fertile days.

Women always have a small amount of LH in their blood and urine, but one or two days before their ovulation, it will surge by up to five times the amount. Women are most fertile 12 to 36 hours between the start of the LH surge, and the time when their egg is released. That’s the fertile window, and it’s the best time to have sex when trying for a baby.

For Women’s Health ovulation and pregnancy tests are some of the most accurate in the USA market, and the factory in which they are manufactured has already made over 100.000 tests on them to assure they are providing the highest quality test strips on the market.

Also, with each of the orders, together with the ovulation and pregnancy test strips, For Women’s Health’s clients will also receive their pregnancy support system, a step by step program that women can follow to increase their chance of getting pregnant with over 80%.

Women who want to increase their chances of getting pregnant should try this amazing deal and get 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips, all made in USA for only $14.99 using this link and this coupon code RSF3NRD9.

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