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( New York - February 18, 2011 - Budget Planners, one of the leading American debt consolidation program providers, is currently offering free counselor consultation to all those who want to reclaim control over their financial future. Individuals who are considering debt consolidation as a possible solution to their current financial problems can benefit from free counseling with a certified credit specialist.

Budget Planners is dedicated to helping consumers alleviate financial burdens through effective credit counseling and debt management programs. Since its creation, the company has helped thousands of clients get out of debt and reclaim control over their financial future without any type of home owner consolidation loans.

Budget Planners is backed by experts in the field of debt management and credit counseling. Their primary objective is to provide consumers with a custom-tailored financial solution that is most suitable for their specific financial profile. Specialists then work together with their clients to establish and maintain a budget, consolidate debt into one affordable payment and provide a sound credit card debt consolidation program. Budget Planners‘ programs are a combination of debt consolidation and financial education that will help individuals toward better financial understanding and soundness.

Budget Planners assist consumers in the process of regaining financial freedom and setting long term financial goals. Furthermore, the experts at Budget Planners have made it their priority to help consumers prevent uncontrollable debt. Their counseling offices help individuals recognize their income limits and create a manageable budget. Budget Planners‘ trained professionals will not only find the most appropriate ways to remedy the current financial situation, but they will also provide sound solutions to prevent future financial difficulty.

Budget Planners partners with credit counselors who are professionally trained to act as a liaison between consumers and their creditors. The excellent rapport that professional credit counselors have developed with creditors allows them to secure many money saving benefits on the consumer‘s behalf. Budget Planners offers a sound credit card debt consolidation program which is specifically designed to ease the burden and unnecessary cost of trying to handle costs on your own.

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