MT Solution Ltd. now declares the release of a free partition manager with hard drive data recovery function-Partition Wizard Home Edition. Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0, works as a partition manager, is a free software with powerful functions.

MT Solution Ltd, located in 82 AVE, Surrey, B.C. Canada, is a software development company focused on data recovery software research and development. Our software is helping customers recover their lost information with ease.

Have been in the field of data recovery for many years, MT Solution can ensure you a reliable but life long data recovery technical support.. In order to solve data lost problems for most computer users, MT Solution Ltd. developed a new partition management software with powerful functions in data recovery.

As a free partition manager, Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0 has powerful functions in both partition management and data recovery.

As a free partition manager, Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0 is a professional partition management software that allows you to perform both basic and advanced partition operations such as Resizing partitions, Copying partitions, Creating new partitions, Deleting partitions, Formatting partitions, Converting partitions, Exploring partitions, Hiding partitions, Changing drive letters, Setting active partitions, and a handful of other things under different Operating systems such as Supports Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit. Partition Wizard Server Edition and Enterprise Edition also support Windows Server 200/2003/2008.

Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0 is a free partition manager with hard drive data recovery functions allows you to do data recovery partition by partition or file by file. With its help, you can recover your lost files deleted by mistake or data lost due to power failure.

Partition Wizard Home Edition is a freeware that can be used as a data recovery tool. You will never worry about data loss or hard disk failure. With its help, you can do hard drive recovery sector by sector or partition by partition.

Besides its powerful feature and user friendly design, Partition Wizard comes absolutely free for Home user and free of charge for business user. Home users, business users, system administrators can easily use this Windows based software to manage their disk partitions. Download it for free from and enjoy the new technology and new experience of Partition Wizard.

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