London, UK ( 12PressRelease ) August 12, 2009 Cheap web design company ( Webworx24 are offering all customers a free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) guide to help boost their customer‘s search engine rankings. Not only are they offering a free and extremely useful guide, but they now have an SEO expert in house to answers questions and offer extra services.

Search Engine Optimisation is an incredibly large and sometimes quite daunting job to carry out, that is why Webworx24 are offering their customers more information and a helping hand in implementing them.

Sophia Evgeniou, Webworx24‘s head of design explained this week: “The majority of our customers prior to purchasing assume that simply having a website means their businesses will be at the top of all search engine listings and that work will flood in immediately, this is just not the case in many instances and there is a lot of work that goes into being in a good positions for organic search. Knowing this we have brought in an SEO expert to provide help and advice to all customers and to also offer extra services to get their SEO implemented for them by an expert in the field. Since offering the SEO guide almost every single customer has read through and given us great feedback on how useful it actually is, and many have taken the next step in getting the extra services which so far has worked brilliantly. We are and always will be focused on offering low cost website design ( with affordable extra services to ensure our customers are offered the full works when it comes to their online businesses and making it a success”.

Knowing what keywords are relative to your customers and understanding the basic website optimisation techniques isn‘t the easiest thing in the world and needs a lot of in depth research and knowledge to be successful. There are many factors to cover to ensure you are doing the best job in terms of SEO, so offering an extra service such as Webworx24 have is a great extra incentive to purchasing your website with them.


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WebWorx24 can offer proven and ultra-reliable e-commerce websites based on the vast experience of their e-commerce specialists.

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