rademarkia (www.trademarkia.com), the largest search engine for trademarks, today announces new services to help users find trademarks in a more comprehensive manner through a “wildcard” trademark search from its home page.

Users can now enter an asterisk (*) before or after any search term to find closer matches of trademark search results entirely for free. By utilizing the asterisk based wildcard search, users on Trademarkia can more easily find trademarks that might be confusingly similar to their marks, and can more easily find trademarks of interest. For example, when finding all Christmas holiday related trademarks that have the word “Santa Claus” users can now enter search “*Santa Claus from the home page to find all trademarks that have a something before Santa Claus, such as the trademarks “21st Century Santa Claus”, “Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus” etc. What is more is that users can purchase their favorite Expired and Abandoned trademarks and use them for their own products or services. For example, the Trademark for “MRS. SANTA CLAUS COMES TO TOWN” is available because it has been abandoned since the late 1940s.

Similarly, users can find all trademarks that follow a particular term or search term this Holiday season for non-famous and famous brands such as the Apple iPhone. For example, on Trademarkia, users can type “*iPhone” to find trademarks that have something before iPhone such as ACTIPHONE, AIPHONE, etc. Some of these marks may be available. Users on Trademarkia can be creative with this wildcard search to more easily find confusingly similar trademarks that might infringe on their rights. “Wildcard search is exciting free tool that will help consumers and lawyers alike find trademarks that might infringe on their registered marks”, comments Trademark Attorney and CEO of Trademarkia, Raj Abhyanker. “We‘re delighted to offer this free service for free to our users to help them better protect their brands.”

Trademarkia (www.trademarkia.com) has built a unique historical record of U.S. trademarks filed from 1870 until today. Trademarkia was built using 6 million pre-Great Depression historical logos, names and slogans that were never publicly searchable on the Internet, even by the United States Trademark Office itself. Since the site‘s launch just 3 months ago at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco, Trademarkia has become one of the largest 200,000 websites on the Internet, and one of the largest Trademark filers in the world.

About Trademarkia:
Founded in March 2009, Trademarkia.com is the fresh, easy and intelligent way for people to create their brands from millions of previously owned business names, slogans, and logos. And it‘s free.
Patent-pending Trademarkia technology does all the rest, giving users a unified view of all their brands in a single, easy to understand interface. Trademarkia provides detailed visibility into expired and abandoned business names, slogans, and logos; proactively alerting users about upcoming issues, counterfeit marks; and offering personalized suggestions for interesting brands. The service is accessible via the Web or cell phone. And it‘s safe and secure; Trademarkia is updated every day with fresh data, and offers secondary checking services to users.

For more information on Trademarkia.com‘s free business name creation service, please visit www.trademarkia.com.