September 2020 - Verenia, the leader in manufacturing sales software including configure, price, quote (CPQ), CRM, B2B Ecommerce, has announced a new partnership with Freedman Seating Company, the leading manufacturer of public and commercial transportation seating since 1894.

As a manufacturer of custom seating for bus, rail, marine, delivery truck, specialty and commercial vehicles, Freedman’s challenge was to ensure that their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution needed to record and automate customer interactions, including customer visits and emails, in an intuitive interface to maximize sales.

Microsoft Dynamics, Freedman’s legacy solution, while having some of the features, was not easy to use and was very costly. Verenia CRM provided a 360° view of the customer, recording all customer interactions, with a modern, fast, mobile-friendly UI/UX that put all the required information at their salespeoples’ fingertips.

Verenia‘s new CRM made for manufacturers met Freedman’s needs perfectly.

In addition to a better and mobile friendly user experience for its users, Freedman Seating also saved more than 50% over the cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“The days of legacy CRM providers telling companies to change their processes to match their outdated software are over. The market is clearly telling legacy providers like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics that their old, slow platforms are not good fits for companies that make physical products” said Victorio Pellicano, Founder and CEO of Verenia.

"With Verenia's CRM, finally manufacturers and distributors have a CRM built for them by a company that understands the way they do business."

“We went with Verenia because we wanted a solution that was built for manufacturing and not services. A system that could capture and monitor customer relationships over time and create a 360 degree view that will benefit all team members, present and future.” said Dan Cohen, President of Freedman Seating. “Verenia CRM provided that as well as being much more intuitive and easy to use than our legacy software.”

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About Verenia
Founded in 2012, Verenia provides a complete omnichannel sales enablement and productivity suite offering front office, CPQ, CRM and eCommerce solutions. Verenia’s front-end software solutions are built with power and scalability to support the growth of all businesses.

About Freedman
For over 125 years, Freedman has been engineering and manufacturing seats and seating related products for many different applications.The company’s product lines include bus, rail, marine, delivery truck, specialty and commercial vehicle seating.

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