A firsthand account of man‘s journey designed to inspire and to restore peace and reconciliation.

Newark, NJ (May 14,2010) Author and filmmaker Surakhan releases his new book In the Name of Love, an inspirational book illustrating the story behind the making of a cinematic message in a bottle to former Motown‘s greatest female group of all time, “The Supremes” Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong.

Details of the journey inscribed are magical, joyful, and sometimes painful not only for the author, but also for all those who traveled with him. In the Name of Love is where Surakhan shares the events in his childhood, connecting himself to the undertaking, and getting the film to the superstars through ingenious process. It gives the readers a view from the inside of one of the most talked about events in the entertainment industry. The book is the best option as an uplifting, inspirational, and educational tool for filmmakers, actors, writers and all of those seeking to make a huge difference.

In the Name of Love is available online for purchase at www.buybooksontheweb.com www.amazon.co www.bordersbooks.com , and www.surakhan.net.

About the Author
Surakhan, a versatile author, filmmaker, and director, is also a motivational speaker in the field of entertainment media. In 2005, he brought to life the book and documentary Life on the Walk of Fame, The Virginia capers story, where he captured the life of Tony award winning actor Virginia Capers, best known for her role as Grandma Hattie Banks on the NBC sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that starred Will Smith. He also produced and hosted 3 talk shows: “Rap Talk,” “It‘s Music,” and “The Surakhan Report.”

In the making of In the Name of Love, Surakhan aims to re-write a history of world‘s famous icons grappling with assorted personality conflicts and to facilitate “peace talks” between the duo/trio while bringing about concert reunion of the original, living Supremes.

“Dreams don‘t die, people just stop dreaming”—Surakhan‘s oft spoken mantra which is clearly made manifest in his cinematic piece, In the Name of Love.