After common downturn of global crisis,Vietnam VNindex has rebound in 2009.With positive business result from listed companies,the market in 2010 is great investment to investors inside out Vietnam.

Vietnam, November 19, 2009-Vietnam stock market developed rapidly since its birth in 2000. Till the end of October 2009, there were 2 listed stock exchanges (HoChiMinh Stock Exchange with VN Index for and Hanoi Stock Exchange with HNX Index) consisting of 488 listed companies and 4 investment fund certificates. The Vietnam stock market has become an attractive asset class that domestic and international investors take good notice.

After reaching the highest peak of 1170.67 points in March 2007, VN Index went down rapidly under effects of the global recession. The index fell as low as 239.69 points in February 2009. Since then, the index rose nearly 2.6 times to 633.2 points in October 2009. HNX Index also has the same scenario. After falling sharply to 77.51 points in Feb 2009, the Index topped its highest peak at 459.36 points in March 2009. Similar to VN Index, HNX Index regained its strength afterwards and reached 222.59 points in October 2009.
The recovery of Vietnam stock market was supported mainly from the first stimulus package of the Government and positive business results of listed companies. Thanks to the impact of this package and the improved economy, Vietnamese firms started to release higher revenues as well as profits. In addition, many investors used financial leverage to invest; thus, more capital was poured into the market. This also assisted the recovery.
Currently, the market is in adjustment period after the strong growth. Dr Le Dat Chi, a market expert, in his recent article asserts that VN Index might decrease to 483 points. Several securities brokerage firms insist that the 500-520 range is a strong support level and the index will go up again after it touches this level.
In the near future, the Government‘s second stimulus package will be implemented and support the economy. Besides, the 2009 financial statement of listed companies will be released with expected positive results. In addition, with majority of votes on November 6, 2009 National Assembly passed a resolution on socio-economic development for 2010, reaching a consensus in target GDP of 6.5%. (GDP 2009 5-5.2 percent estimated). Combination with all positive conditions, The VN-index will be reaching 650-680 level by the end of 2010.

Therefore, during the next year 2010, the market is expected to have a strong performance and become great investment to investors inside out Vietnam.

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