Cufflinks gets the high popularity among the royal People who want to make their personality really royal. The demand of cufflinks makes us to provide variety of cufflinks in wide range of design to choose your cufflinks. We definitely make a quality Cufflinks with precious design with stone. Nobody can beat the quality here at Orosilber, the Leading Brand in Men accessories. Orosilber has a wide range cufflinks such including Gold Cufflinks, Silver Cufflinks, Enamel Cufflinks, Customize Cufflinks, Fun Cufflinks; Silk Knot Cufflinks, OROSILBERs Silk Knot Cufflinks collection features a range of cufflinks in a diverse assortment of knot designs; such as classic knots, flower knots, square knots, barrel knots and many other shapes. We have 100 solid colors & create various different color combinations. These gorgeous silk cufflinks come in a range of high quality finishes.
Silk knot cufflinks are handmade of 100% elastic silk, they provide a convenient, economical and smart solution to fastening cuffs. Silk knots are made of three parallel strands of elastic silk artfully interwoven to create two knots connected by two of the three strands. When worn, one knot is placed on each side of the French cuffs.