Nashville, TN - Fun Pasta Fundraising has announced their website revamp. They are expecting to have their new website launched by June 1, 2010. Fun Pasta Fundraising is growing at a tremendous pace and it has received a huge welcome from various non-profit organizations and fundraisers. To meet the increasing needs of the growing customer base, Fun Pasta Fundraising has planned to accommodate more fundraising groups. Another value added feature that will be incorporated in the revamped website is online fundraising sales.
For those who are looking for the best ideas for fundraising, Fun Pasta Fundraising comes as a great resource. This is becoming one of the most popular fundraiser ideas among fundraisers in all categories. One of the simple reasons for the success of Fun Pasta Fundraising is that everyone loves pasta. Unlike other fundraising products, this is not something that one has to buy just to contribute to a social cause. Pasta is part of one‘s monthly or weekly grocery list. This is one of the highly consumed food products which empowers any and all fundraising campaigns that use Fun Pasta Fundraising.
The success of all fund raising programs depend totally on the choice of the products sold. Fun Pasta certainly makes killer sales. Fun Pasta Fundraising has a very successful fund raising history across the nation. This is one of the most friendly as well as profitable fundraising options that you could ever think of.
Some of the key points why Fun Pasta Fundraising is highly successful include the following: It is one of the highly profitable products and it offers 40 to 50% profit on sales. There are no hidden costs whatsoever. Fun Pasta Fundraising is the only company in the USA that manufactures pasta in over 300 shapes. This is by far one of the cheapest pastas available in the market. However, the quality of the pasta is not compromised. This also forms a healthy food option for all age groups. Unlike other products used for fund raising such as candy bar, distribution of pasta is easy, because it does not melt. It has a very long shelf time and does not require any refrigeration.
The US made pasta has its manufacturing plant in Nashville, TN. They offer cyber sales which is a valuable tool that boosts the sales of the products. For more information on this exciting fundraiser please visit