Gecey, one of the fastest growing and leading developers of led panels, panel lights and led lights been exporting high quality and affordable led tube , led panel light, backlight, light box to customers all over the world. Since its inception, over 5 years ago, Gecey has continued to focus on the innovation and advancement of led panels, panel lights and led lights manufacturing, which has allowed the company to become earn its place among the leaders in their respective industry. The company recently celebrated 5 years of success.

The company’s website features their complete range of stage light products including led tube, led panel light , backlight, light box and more. The range of products caters to the needs of contemporary LED lighting needs.

With an aim of embracing, generating and refining LED lighting technology and techniques, their products feature all the latest hi-tech elements to meet the needs of the growing global market. The company spokesperson said, “Gecey has established its office building, a clean and large workshop, a number of outstanding and dedicated professional engineers and well-trained staff members with the previous 5 years from the ground up,” he further added, “Today, we are extremely proud of our professional management and advanced production facilities. Gecey researches, designs, develops, produces, markets and services a range of led panels, panel lights and led lights products. We are motivated by our vision that puts people first, pushes us to be efficient and criteria oriented, our company has introduced a wide range of new items according to the requirements of international markets and new and old customers.”

As an organization that exports its products and caters to a global market, their products including backlights comply with global standards of quality and they have made a point of attaining various certifications as proof of their commitment towards excellence including meeting ISO9001 standards, and CE approval. Through their hard work and dedication, Gecey has earned a large worldwide customer based with clients in every part of the world including Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, their product are available for sale on all major online marketplaces and through their continues efforts they hope to continue expanding their global customer base.


Gecey is a led panel , panel light and led light box manufacturer based in China with branch offices throughout the country. For more information, please visit:

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