Dave Eichenberger & Gibson‘s Steinberger Guitar Line; Perfect Blend of Innovation and Tradition

Tampa Bay, FL Bay area guitarist Dave Eichenberger announced today he has been welcomed into the Gibson Guitar Company‘s diverse family of artists. This innovative guitar player, well known for his use of guitar synthesizer and live looping techniques, has ventured into the more traditional realm of Blues based music over the past two years, brandishing a completely modern and non-traditional instrument, the Steinberger guitar.

Dave‘s blending of innovation and tradition mirrors that of the Gibson Guitar Company‘s Steinberger line of guitars. Whereas the Gibson name embodies tradition and quality, the Steinberger name has become synonymous with evolution, innovation, ergonomics and performance since their introduction in 1980.

“Many guitarists look to the past for their sounds, especially creating those rockin‘ tones our heroes made,” states Dave. “The Steinberger brand carries the excitement of the electric guitar from 60 years ago into the 21st century. This guitar is built for new ways of playing; an ergonomic triumph built not only to tread on familiar ground but just as easily cut a swath through fresh territory.“

Currently, Dave is playing a Steinberger Synapse Custom and the new Steinberger ZT3 with the revolutionary TransTrem. “To be able to bend and transpose chords in tune is something I‘ve been waiting for in a modern ergonomic guitar. The TransTrem3 finally makes this possible and opens up a whole new avenue of creative applications.” states Dave.

Today Dave Eichenberger pays homage to the history of Blues music while blazing his own trail with the instrument of today, garnering the attention of Blues Purists and inspiring a new generation of musicians to go beyond convention to break new ground. Dave‘s unique approach is featured on international recording artist Julie Black‘s upcoming release, You Just Might Win (BOJA), due out later this year.

Dave will be releasing an ambient album featuring looping and guitar synthesizer on September 21st. Collectives Volume 1 features excerpts from his grant winning 50 hour/50 CD set Collectives.


Dave Eichenberger is a master guitar player, composer, looper, songwriter, engineer and producer who has spent the past 29 years fine tuning his craft. Besides his precision technique and passion for music, Dave is a dynamic live performer who brings a fresh new perspective to traditional Blues with his skilled interpretation of the music and use of completely non-traditional instruments.

Dave received a grant from the State of Florida and the National Endowment for the Arts for his massive 50 CD project, Collectives. He recorded 50 unique hour-long CDs, and made only one copy each. Each CD featured Dave‘s improvisations on guitar synthesizer and real-time looping.

Dave is an Artist with PedalTrain Pedalboards, Sabine Tuners & GraphTech Guitar Labs. He has received additional support from Roland and Line6. He appeared in the July 2008 and August 2006 editions of Guitar Player magazine and has been included on several compilation recordings for various musical gear manufacturers, including Gibson, Seymour Duncan, and Ernie Ball.

For further information about the artist along with mp3 files and video please visit:
http://www.daveeichenberger.com | http://www.youtube.com/user/Mincer

QUOTE: "I REALLY enjoyed your playing. I was so mesmerized by your loop piece...so sick and wrong that it's genius" - Michael Molenda, Editor of Guitar Player Magazine

For more information on the Steinberger line of guitars and basses please visit www.Steinberger.com.