USA, Texas, 12th April 13, 2010 - Many people enjoy smoking Cigars. People who opt cigars are really obsessed with it and they thoroughly enjoy it. Many a times it also symbolizes celebrations or confirmation of a deal. Whatever be the reason people fond of it enjoy it to the fullest. It is important for the smoker to have knowledge about cigars and its varieties. There are many brands which are available in the market. CigarsEtc offer all kinds of cigars and cigar accessories to their customers. From local to premium, they have it all. The following are some of the popular cigars they offer:

• 5 vegas
• Montecristo
• Rocky Patel
• Victor Sinclair

And many more. They provide world class Cigar accessories as well. One should know how to preserve precious cigars apart from consuming. Humidors are a must if one is storing cigars in large numbers. If cigars are not stored in a Humidor, they lose moisture very soon and end up tasting bitter. There are humidors which come with humidification system. The temperature of the humidors can be adjusted according to the cigars stored in it. The Cigars should be stored in the right humidity level else there are chances that they may go dry. CigarsEtc helps you in selecting Humidors of your choice. They have a wide range of Humidors which can be selected as per requirement. The following are to name a few:

• Humidors with cabinets
• Humidors for commercial display
• Humidors Mardi Gras
• Humidors with glass top
• Humidors premium

One can select as per the necessity. CigarsEtc also sell other Cigar accessories like Ashtrays, Cases, Cutters, lighters and even magazines. They have single and samplers packages as well. The special packs which they offer are called “Swart Reserve Churchill”. It is a box of 25 cigars. CigarsEtc also suggests gift options for various occasions like Christmas and Father‘s Day. They also have option in which you can select the Cigars and Cigar Accessories and add to cart to make a complete gift set.

About was established in 1996 and has been providing quality services since then. They help in shopping Cigars and Cigar accessories online. They have provided all the necessary details like shipping charges online.

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