In response to growing demand for alternative landscaping solutions, Global Syn-Turf, the leading manufacturer of artificial grass in the United States, announced the official opening of a new location in Jacksonville, Florida.

The indoor warehouse offers a wide range of synthetic grass products and accessories for artificial grass installation, including natural infills, staples, seaming solutions, putting green cups, golf flags, golf lights, lawn and shock pads, bender boards, and weed barriers.

The new Jacksonville location will serve major metropolitan areas along the East Coast, including Florida, South and North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Washington D. C., and New York. The area is seeing significant growth both in terms of traditional green surfaces alternatives and artificial grass popularity. Rachel Brady, Global Syn-Turf's Sales and Marketing Manager, stated: "The strategical move to our newest location in Jacksonville enables emergent delivery times to states along the East Coast, from Florida to New York. The East Coast operation enables us to have the versatility to cater for projects of any style or size. We look forward to welcoming landscapers, constructors, landscape architects and designers to our new facility."

According to Environment and Human Health, Inc., nearly 30 million acres of lawn in the United States are treated with chemicals. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in a study of 9,282 people nationwide, found pesticides in 100% of the people who had both blood and urine tested. The average person carried 13 of 23 pesticides tested. The lawn pesticides pose threats to pets. Herbicides (weed killers) are broad spectrum biocides, and by their very nature can harm homeowners, their families, and pets. Pesticides settle and drift during treatment. The Antarctic ice pack contains 2.4 million pounds of DDT and its metabolites from years past. Pesticides engulf the home and are easily trailed inside, easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. They harm by attacking the central nervous system and other essential organs.

"Some of the factual findings on safety hazards and environmental concerns are shocking," - said Rachel Brady. - "Symptoms of pesticide poisoning are commonly misdiagnosed as flu or allergies. Long-term consequences include birth defects, miscarriages, liver and kidney dysfunction, blindness, neurological damage, stroke, heart trouble, immune system disorders, memory loss, menstrual problems, cancer, and death. Unfortunately, communities in the United States have been slow to pass ordinances to prevent chemical exposure. Global Syn-Turf recognizes the threat of chemical contamination and offers a broad range of environmentally friendly, 100% lead-free, non-toxic artificial grass solutions for homeowners and businesses that pursue the green, health, American lawn. Unlike California, Nevada, and Arizona, East Coast bugs' invasion creates an ongoing issue with pests control chemical lawn treatments. Bug-free synthetic lawns significantly reduce pests infestation and makes the outdoor environment safe for humans and pets, not to mention maintenance and water free, beautiful lawn."

Global Syn-Turf Product development team completed infrastructure integrations between fulfillment centers across the United States and several core tools like business intelligence, customer relationship management system, transportation partners, inventory management, and forecasting.

“Jacksonville, Florida Global Syn-Turf warehouse offers an ideal location to serve our clients in the artificial grass industry,” said Rachel Brady. “The capacity to deliver products quickly and accurately is a pre-requisite for distributors and local businesses, but when you add Global Syn-Turf's logistics and integration expertise into the picture, it brings a competitive advantage."

13291 Vantage Way Suite 100, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Customer service hours Monday - Friday: 9:30 am - 9:30 pm, and Saturday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm.

About Global Syn-Turf, Inc.

Global Syn-Turf is a leader manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States. The company offers an extensive selection of synthetic turf for commercial and residential landscape, playgrounds, sports fields, golf putting greens and pet areas.

The company provides innovative, environmentally friendly synthetic grass solutions which require little maintenance, no water, pesticides, or fertilizers through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the U.S. Each center has a complete inventory of over 75 synthetic grass products plus knowledgeable staff delivering expertise and first class customer service.

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