A gold chain is always a fashionable item. You can wear it as is or you can attach your favorite pendant with it. In fact, it is possible to wear several gold chains but make sure not to overdo it. You might look like a bedecked pirate if you wear more than 5 chains. So if you are looking for suitable mens jewellery that you can wear everyday and for special occasions, then these gold chains can be your best option. They will certainly look good on your attire and will add a little class to your wardrobe.

24K gold chain is very precious so it would be best if you can choose this type of mens jewellery. However, you have to note that pure gold is quite expensive. If you have a tight budget you should look for a gold-filled chain which is the best alternative that you can have. Gold filled chains will look and feel like solid gold. No one can tell the difference especially if you buy from a reputable retailer of gold filled jewelry. This type of jewelry also has the same durability and strength of solid gold. The best thing is that a gold filled chain costs much cheaper than pure gold so you will surely get a good deal from it.

So what is gold filled mens jewellery? If you visit the website of Best To Have, then you can find a wide array of quality and exquisitely designed gold filled chains on its web shop. Pieces of gold filled jewelry are commonly referred to as the gold jewelry of the century. That is because a gold filled jewelry offers the same beauty, physical characteristics, and strength of solid gold. The gold component of these pieces of jewelry is permanently attached on the outer surface of the chain. So there is really no way to tell the difference between gold filled and pure gold aside from the fact that the former is more affordable.

When you buy gold filled mens jewellery, you have to choose an item that is 100 percent nickel free. This is to ensure that you will be safe from skin allergies caused by the metal. If you are not sure if your skin is allergic to nickel, then you have to be on the safer side and buy a gold chain that is guaranteed nickel free. Again, at Best To Have website, you will only get nickel free jewelry on its web shop. This gold jewellery retailer also provides lifetime replacement guarantee for its jewelry products. So if ever you notice a defect or tarnishing on your chain or bracelet, you can simply return the item and request for a replacement.

Gold jewelry is very classy, valuable and elegant. If you are planning to buy jewelry for yourself, then your best option is gold. But if you can not afford pure gold, your best alternative is gold filled jewelry. This type of jewelry has all the physical qualities of pure gold and will look good on you. The good thing is that you can purchase a gold filled chain, bracelet, or ring at a fraction of the cost of pure gold.

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