Our honor market is open to sales of our stock shares over the counter.  We have different stocks; this market is part of the royal house IUKAC.  Our stock has a value and we are an independent market. We are open to relations with other market and for now our sales can help the project of government.

We have the Denarios currency banknote. We have 1.2 trillions of Denarios and the price of market is 1 Denario by 2.62 dollars USA. This banknote your low price in one year is 2.20 dollars USA by each more high is 2.90 dollars USA.

We have the dukedom grand dollar, D.G.D.  The dukedom grand dollar has a 1.2 trillions of shares. This banknote price is lower in one year in 1.75 more high 3.15 dollars USA. Now is stable in 2.61 dollars USA by each one.

This banknote and shares run in our market independently.

We sell a few that we introduce in the market.

We have the AMR Enterprise. This company runs in our market

This is a chart of dukedom grand dollar and denarios since Dec 2019 to Oct 2020

Orange chart is Denarios.

Price share is 3.75 dukedom grand dollar.

More low in one year is 3.00 dukedom grand dollar.

You follow our market quote every day. This is principal share of our stock market. We can offer over the counter 

Executive Office of King Ludwig Falkenstein
GOV IUKAC Stock Market
Federal Reserve of GOV IUKAC Bank.

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