Golf is a sport often thought of in conjunction with the upper classes. It's a sport with requirements on clothing, club etiquette and equipment. The sport is a graceful and dignified expression of athletic precision with only the most striking personalities getting the chance to stand out in the game.

But if you were to define golf how should you do it? Golf is a game that occurs outdoors with the basic aim of hitting a ball into a number of holes with the fewest number of strokes possible. Each hole is allotted with a teeing area which is composed of a fairway, a sideway and an evenly mowed area.

In addition to the teeing area, there are more unwanted barriers such as sand traps and water which are known as bunkers. Each golf course is designed in an unique way and with more than 30,000 exiting courses in the world, no two courses are planned exactly the same. The good news is Pachesham Golf Club exists as a course that is planned with beginners in mind.

It's the golf center that experts recommend for beginners because it's a perfect venue for people who are just beginning to hone their skills in golf. This small 9-hole course is spread over 2,806 yards and an 18-hole par 70. Compared to larger courses, the Pachesham encourages players to learn and develop proper techniques regardless of age and experience.

One of the best Surrey golf courses for beginners is the Pachesham Golf Surrey since it really considers the skill level of its members. Large courses are more challenging and if you haven't learned the needed skills yet then it can be a little intimidating to play on such courses. You need a venue that allows you to practice and build on proper athletic experience.

The Pachesham Golf Club also has a 33 bay driving range that is floodlit to enable golfers to play during all sorts of lighting conditions. Hone and develop specific skills in the chipping area and putting greens open to all members. If you want to go further then you can attend the Golf Academy which the club offers.

Currently, golf is a sport that is popular among elite businessmen and high society. In fact, many business schools in the United States and the UK have added golf to their management curriculum. Golf has actually become indicative of status since it is a fairly expensive sport to participate in.

Most games are conventionally governed by hard and fast rules but golf is focused on rules of etiquette. This basically implies that your behavior and the manner of how you conduct yourself on the course are almost as important as the technical skills you have developed. By knowing the right etiquette, the golfer learns with grace and dignity.

Through the years, more and more technical plays have been developed to increase the game's level of sophistication. Golf equipment and golf attires are a flourishing market because of the demands of golfing enthusiasts. Even if the game has changed in many ways and aspects, the rules of etiquette still continue to be a large part of the sport.

Pachesham Golf Surrey, UK offers beginners a chance to experience the sport that was once reserved for a certain social class. Remember that there are no actual rules of the game. A passion for golf and a calm and graceful standing are all you need to start playing the game.

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