Ancient civilisations power fascination for many people nowadays. There were aspects of these societies that were very complex and our forefathers lives were of course the roots of many of our lifestyles lifestyle today. When it comes to jewellery, whether this silver jewellery or gold jewellery, there is so much amazing show and saga of it across these great early civilisations. The Greeks for example had started using gold and jewelry around 1400 B.C. But before this they had been skilled at making jewellery from animals and shells. Today if you trek to Greece you will see a crowd of jewellery shops with ranges of silver jewellery, jewelry rings, trinkets and gold jewellery that has an unusual condition about it. What is also visible is that the antique superstitions can still be seen today in some jewellery designs.

In ancient time the Greeks wore jewellery on unusual occasions and it was damaged predominantly by women. By around 300 B.C. They had become masters in simple but colourful jewellery using pearls, amethysts and emeralds especially. Their jewellery at this platform was more straightforward than other cultures and there also signs of cameos around this time which were formed from Indian Sardonyx, which is a stripy pink, cream and brunette agate mineral. As their workmanship progressed designs became more elaborate.

Fashion jewellery was often estimated to shield the wearers from the Evil Eye or even give the wearer supernatural powers. Of course apart from this like other societies it was damaged as a precursor of wealth, beauty and level. The Evil Eye however was a belief that the envy elicited by the good break of fortunate people could outcome in their misfortune. Apart from trying jewellery to protect themselves the Greeks had other rituals to district off the Evil Eye. A healer would cast it away by silently reciting a prayer which would have been conceded over from naturally a grandparent of the contrary sex! The tradition says that if the character is afflicted with the Evil Eye themselves and the healer will lead cavernous profusely. If this is the situation the healer will then do the sign of the oppose three period and spits in the air three epoch. The Greeks had another examine to prove the Evil Eye which was by using jade oil. Normally jade oil will promote in water, and in this suffering one plummet of oil is sited in a goblet of holy water and if the shelve floats there is no Evil Eye. However, if it sinks that there is and the ritual must be performed.

Apart from this belief there were older pieces of jewellery that have been found were committed to the Gods. The biggest production of jewellery in these times came from Northern Greece and Macedonia. Another bearing of Greek belief that has been integrated into their jewellery right up pending the show day is the Owl. The Owl is considered very important as The Owl of Wisdom. There are museum reproductions which show us the combination of the owl and the olive twig in Greek Jewellery two of they're most important symbols part by area wisdom and silence.




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